• I live in Western Colorado and definitely subscribe to the belief that it’s a privilege to live in Colorado.
      • I like to mountain bike, cook, ski, camp, etc.
      • I like to read about other people’s adventures biking and skiing; I also enjoy others’ recipes.
      • I love magazines.  Ski magazines, Runner’s World, Bike Magazine, Cooking Light…
      • I am not a fan of drama.  Please leave your drama somewhere else.
      • I try to be a positive person the majority of the time – I like to believe my glass is half full 🙂
      • I have been a teacher, a curriculum writer, a bookseller and an online advertising coordinator.  I love each of these jobs for various reasons.
      • I am not a fan of conflict.  I will go out of my way to avoid it and will dread any moment in which I think it might occur.
      • I love to read mysteries and good fiction.  I also enjoy the occasional nonfiction adventure story like No Shortcuts to the Top and The River of Doubt.
      • I think that before we judge someone we should try to understand that person and/or that person’s beliefs.  You don’t have to accept those beliefs or agree with them, but sometimes understanding where a person is coming from helps.

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