Blue plate veggie night

You know how some diners have a Blue Plate Special? And in some cases instead of a meat and two veggies you can get three veggies and no meat? Well that’s the theme of our latest vegetarian night! Instead of our typical pastas or stir fry vegetarian meals we indulge in country style veggies like creamed corn, crock pot pinto beans, zucchini and onions, etc. we tried it tonight with some homemade bread and it was awesome!


Some possibilities for your own Blue Plate Veggie Night include:
Baked sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Fried okra
Mac and cheese
Glazed carrots
Green beans
Lima beans
Butternut squash puree or soup
Black eyed peas
Collards or other greens
Sautéed Swiss chard
Roasted beets

Enjoy with a side of homemade bread and fresh cut tomatoes if they’re in season.


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