Hawaiian Puka Dogs in Colorado!

Today my friend Richie and I discovered a little restaurant called “Nick’s Surf Shack” down on 15th and North in Grand Junction.  It’s attached to a discount salon supply store (get your cheap hair products!) but don’t let that fool you.  These “puka” dogs are the real deal; mostly just like the ones made in Hawaii.  Nick did one extra thing though: he made the “puka” or hole, bigger!

A puka dog is basically a french bread / hawaiian roll bun with a hole vertically through the center of the bun (but not all the way through).  This bun gets put on a spike and toasted from the inside.  Then you add a sweet and spicy fruit salsa, like pineapple or mango, and a hot lemon/garlic sauce.   THEN you put in your grilled polish sausage, all-beef sausage, or smoked sausage.

Hawaiian puka dog from Nick's Surf Shack in GJ

Hawaiian puka dog from Nick’s Surf Shack in GJ

These dogs are really tasty!  Perfect for eating while walking around at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, which is where you can often find Randy, the owner, serving up dogs.

Richie’s all about the culinary adventures and these days I’m happy to tag along!


2 responses to “Hawaiian Puka Dogs in Colorado!

  1. I’ve eaten more Puka Dogs than I care to admit to, but it wasn’t until today that I knew puka meant hole. Look at me, learning crap! Y’all are lucky if they’re anything like the real deal!

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