5 Favorite Condiments

Condiments are one of the most important parts of every recipe or meal.  Do you agree? Sure, you can have chicken and potatoes, or rice and beans…but what is that without some hot sauce or a little side of bbq or ranch? What’s pizza without some red pepper flakes? Does that count as a condiment or is it more of a spice? Hmmm.

I love condiments.  I love recipes that can be dipped or topped or sauced…and condiments are a huge part of that.  If I had to limit myself to 5, what would they be?


Choosing just 5 condiments is hard…should you pick one from each of the major cultures of cooking? Asian? Mexican? Italian? I don’t know!!!!

1. Ranch Dressing.  What can I say? You might think this comes from my southern heritage, but to be honest I’d never had a fry dipped in Ranch dressing until I moved to Colorado. Now I much prefer it to ketchup.

2. Salsa.  Because if I’m not putting ranch on it, I’m putting salsa on it…and sometimes I’m putting both! When I buy salsa, I much prefer the fresh kind you can get over in the refrigerated section.  Often in the summer I just make it.  Corn salsa, black bean, tomato…I don’t care.  If it’s cold, has onion and cilantro and a little spice…it’s salsa.

3. Honey Well there had to be a sweet condiment.  Honey can be used for so many things! Mixed with mayo for fried chicken dipping, mixed with soy for an Asian sauce, drizzled over lots of things…it’s even good if you dip your pizza crust in it.

4. Balsamic Vinegar Because you have to have a vinegar on the list! Some sort of reduction sauce, something to add bite or umami…

5. Soy Sauce just because it has to be there.

Bonus: Mayo! This is totally because I’m from the south.  Mayo has to be on this list.  It’s useful for so many things! In fact, keep an eye out for a list of mayo-based sauces 🙂 Coming soon!



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