Boca, Feta and Tomato “wrap” – no take-out required!

Often my lunch break is spent biking or at least going for a walk on our nearby riverfront trail; actual “lunch” then, is often at my desk.  Sometimes finding something to pack in the mornings is difficult.  If there aren’t any leftovers then I have to scrounge around for sandwich stuff…today I found what turned out to be a great combination!  The other day when buying a few items for fajitas, I picked up a package of these Guerrero tortillas. They are, quite possibly, the best store-bought tortillas I’ve ever had.  They’re soft and tasty and just…mmmmmm.  So I started there today.  Tortilla. I grabbed my last Boca brand “chicken” patty from the freezer and then went rummaging through the fridge for toppings and condiments.  I threw everything into tupperware containers and a bag and headed off to work.

So, here’s what my lunch creation looked like:

Guerrero tortilla wrap with Boca "chicken", peppers, tomatoes and feta

Guerrero tortilla wrap with Boca “chicken”, peppers, tomatoes and feta

Of course there was mayo in there, and also some salt and pepper.  It was delish! I love being able to say that once again I haven’t had to have “lunch in a sack” as my friend calls lunches from fast food places.  This was really good, and healthy. If you’ve never tried the Boca Chik’n Patties, give them a shot.  They are crispy and well-seasoned and will satisfy any craving for breaded meat that you have.

Neither Guerrero or Boca paid me to mention them, I just happen to really like both products!

What did you have for lunch today?


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