Mexican Street Corn

A few weeks ago as we were chowing down on some grilled corn with friends (that wasn’t the entire dinner, btw) someone said, “Do you guys ever make Mexican street corn with mayo, chili powder, etc?”

WHAT? Why did I not know this thing existed? I mean, I’d seen the commercials with Aaron Sanchez and the cheese, etc but I didn’t pay much attention. MAYO on CORN? Well you had me right there.

So the other night since we were planning to grill corn with dinner anyway, I set about finding a quick Mexican Street Corn recipe.

This is the one I used: It was great! It didn’t call for any cotija cheese, but it was certainly tasty and easy.

Then there’s this Tyler Florence version, this one from Serious Eats and even a very simple one from Epicurious.

Whichever one you decide to follow, know that this will be delicious.  If you live somewhere like we do, where corn, Olathe Sweet Corn, to be exact, is available for cheap all summer long, then you’ll want ways to change up your corn on the cob.  This is a great way to do it!



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