2-way Kale Pizza

doughIt stated as a simple piece of pizza dough.  A little ball of flour and yeast, filled with little bubbles of air.  Even here, stretched out, it’s still just a blank canvas.  But what to do?  What to DO WITH THE DOUGH?  Meatless? Meaty? Pesto sauce, tomato sauce, white sauce, no sauce? There are just so many options…

For me though, last night there was just one option.  Kale was going on this pizza. My friend Richie had given me a whole bag full of freshly picked kale from her garden and I had plans for it.  Big plans. Pizza plans. Kale could easily substitute for spinach, right?  We usually have spinach on pizzas, so why not kale?

I decided to use the kale in two different ways on the pizza:

Kale sauted with onion and olive oil

Kale sauted with onion and olive oil

First I sauteed one leaf, chopped, with about a quarter of an onion in some olive oil. It got a little crispy on the edges, which was a nice bit of texture to have.

kalerawThen I chopped some raw, just by tearing it away from the middle stem, rolling it and slicing it in thin ribbons.  After adding sauce I scattered first the raw kale, then the sauteed kale with onions on the pizza.  I also added mushrooms, scallions and both mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.  I WISH I had remembered to take a picture of the whole pizza, but alas we were in too big of a hurry to eat it.  So this is what you get:

taking-a-bite!Tasty tasty pizza piled high (and completely inauthentic) with toppings.  What could be better?


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