The chicken burger

Lately we’ve been weaning ourselves off of red meat and what I like to call “random” meats…I’m focusing much more on buying only organic or all-natural chicken and sustainable fish.  Fortunately there are often batches of Red Bird chicken products on sale at Safeway!  One of my favorites is ground chicken breast.  It’s super lean but a great substitute for ground meats in tacos, soups and even burgers.

To make a good chicken burger you do have to add a little oil to the mix.  The burger will be super dry if you don’t moisten it somehow.  Adding egg and some bread crumbs to make like a meatloaf patty would probably work too.  We grill ours just like we do regular burgers.  This week I turned mine into a bbq chicken burger with bbq sauce, cheddar cheese and onion.  Yum!




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