Mixed grains risotto with mixed green veggies

Tonight’s risotto was my best so far. I got the idea to mix grains from Martha Rose Schulman on the New York Time’s website. Her suggestion worked really well.

First I cooked a batch of brown rice like I normally would. Then I brought four cups of broth to a simmer. At the same time I chopped half an onion and one clove of garlic and began cooking that in 2 tbsp of olive oil.

Soon after the onion began cooking I added some finely chopped kale. I wanted this to cook down as much as possible. I even covered the pan for a few minutes to help it wilt. Wow! What color!


While that was cooking I chopped about one cup of asparagus. It was on sale but I wasn’t sure about these tiny stalks. Sometimes they can end up tough. But then I realized they would be perfect for rice and pasts dishes.


Next i added in one cup of Arborio rice and toasted it a bit. I began adding one ladle of broth at a time. I stirred and let the rice mix simmer. Eventually, once the rice was mostly cooked, I added in the asparagus, my leftover roasted broccoli and some green peas. I then turned the heat up a bit, added one more half cup of broth and about half of my brown rice. All total this took about 20 minutes. I time the risotto. It should always take about 20 minutes to add all the broth. Don’t add more until most of the liquid is absorbed.

In the end, this beauty is what I got:


Best. Risotto. Ever!


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