Because really, does anyone have an actual “recipe” for soup?  I mean, I might have some guidelines for soup, depending on the soup…if it’s Asian soup or a tortilla soup, etc. But normally?  There’s no recipe.  Take tonight’s soup, for instance.


I’m the first to admit that’s not a great picture…but the soup?  Holy moly.  One of my best batches of “vegetable” soup.  Here’s what happened:  I said today at lunch, to my friend Richie, “I think I’ll make a chicken vegetable soup tonight.”  I was thinking of it because I had half a can of crushed tomatoes in the fridge and soup is a good thing to do with those.

So I came home and I chopped onion and garlic and started sauteing that.  I peeled and chopped 1 russet potato, 1 sweet potato and 2 carrots.  I added all that and a bay leaf to the pot with the crushed tomatoes, about 1 cup water, and 2 cups chicken broth.  I also added about a teaspoon of salt and pepper. 

While this simmered away, I chopped and cooked a large chicken breast in some olive oil and rotisserie chicken seasoning.  I chopped some smoked turkey sausage and some cabbage and threw those right in the pot.  Taste.  Season.  Simmer.  Then, when the chicken was done I added it to the pot.  Taste. Season. Simmer.  Oh, about this time I also added a bit of parmesan rind.  It melted away 🙂

Finally I added about 1/2 cup frozen green peas and 1/4 cup frozen corn.  I brought the soup back to bubbling, let it all cook together a few more minutes and then served myself a giant bowlful.  WOW.  What flavor! 

Go make some soup!


3 responses to “SOUP!

  1. I love that you can throw just about anything in, and soup will always taste good. For leftovers you have casseroles, stir frys, and soup; and soup is the one that usually works no matter what leftovers you have. Well, except if you mainly have fruit salad. Most fruits don`t take well to being soup, but that`s what smoothies are for!

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