Sweet & Sour Shredded Pork

About a month ago I made our favorite crock pot dish:  shredded pork carnitas tacos.  It’s an Old El Paso recipe and easy to find, but you can click here and find it.

Now, since there are only 2 of us, even a 3 lb pork roast makes way more than we can eat.  So before finishing all of the shredded pork in the enchilada sauce, I take half of it out of the slow cooker and freeze it.  That way I’ve got 1.5 lbs of shredded pork ready for basically whatever I want.

Tonight what I wanted was sweet and sour pork and the reason I wanted that was because I needed to use up that pork in the freezer and I needed to use up a few bell peppers as well.  Now, because the pork was shredded it didn’t have the pretty crusted look that pan fried pork for sweet and sour pork can have.  Here’s the final result:


I added the cilantro because it needed a little fresh bite and really because it needed something bright on it.  Still, it’s not the prettiest dish ever!  Here’s basically what I did:

Chopped 1 1/2 bell peppers (yellow and red) and 1 clove garlic and sauteed about 3 minutes on medium high heat.  Added 1 chopped onion.  Sauteed until soft.  In the meantime I mixed about 1/2 cup of sweet and sour sauce (why did I buy that when it’s so easy to make?), 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1 tbsp hoisin and about 3 tbsp rice vinegar.  I just kept tasting until it seemed like what I wanted.  I added this to the pan and turned it down to medium low.  I defrosted the shredded pork and added it to the pan.  Then I realized I’d need more sauce so I added another 1/4 cup of soy and 2 tbsp honey.  I let everything simmer for about 7 minutes then finished with a little more soy and hoisin (I figured one balanced the other) and the cilantro.

I served it over brown rice.  I DID have pineapple to add but I couldn’t remember the BF’s opinion on pineapple in sweet and sour dishes, so I just garnished my own with it (he was at work).

It was great!  I was so glad that I took a different approach with the rest of my pork.  It turned out really well.  One of my favorite things about Asian food is that you can improvise so easily.  Mixing sauces together works really well for just a slight “twist” on something, and whether you use tofu, chicken, pork, whatever…it all works!

On the side I sauteed mushrooms and french cut green beans with a mix of olive and sesame oil.  I finished them with a tad of soy sauce.  Worked great as a side dish.


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