Thai Red Curry with Tofu fail?

So I made my Thaie Red Curry with tofu last night…followed the recipe (mostly) and was disappointed.  It didn’t have much flavor!  I added plenty of salt, the Thai Red curry paste, coconut milk…and it was just so-so.  We added Thai peanut sauce to it and that helped, but I’m wondering why it wasn’t very flavorful.  Any ideas?  Here’s what was in it:

Fried tofu

Mushrooms and fresh bean sprouts


3 tsp of red curry paste

1 cup of coconut milk

1 cup water

salt and pepper

cilantro and scallions

I went very light on the chiles because the better half didn’t want it too spicy.  But heat wasn’t the problem…flavor was.


3 responses to “Thai Red Curry with Tofu fail?

  1. Sounds like you could have used a bit more bite — fresh lime juice, lemongrass, garlic, fresh cilantro, grated fresh ginger. Instead of salt, try a tablespoon of fish sauce. The flavor’s much deeper. And I always add cumin and/or dried coriander when sautéeing the onion. For what it’s worth.

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