The Grocery Store

The grocery store makes me happy.  This isn’t a picture of my grocery store; it’s just a random one I found online, but it looks similar.


I mean, look at those pretty apples!  And those plums!  And all those carrots and lettuces in the background…and think of what’s on the other aisles!  Red curry paste!  Pasta!  Canned plum tomatoes!  Lactose free milk!  Shrimp!

I am never one of those people who hates going to the grocery store.  Even if I’m tired, by the time I get in and smell the bread from the bakery or chicken frying in the deli, a smile crosses my face.  I happily pick out take-and-bake breads, wind my way through the produce department stocking up on lettuce, cherry tomatoes (in the off season), carrots, some on-sale veggies for roasting, onions – always grab an onion!  My favorite things lately are discovering that cilantro was .39/cents for a bunch this week and bunches of scallions were 2/$1.  YAY for cheap herbs!  (I guess technically scallions aren’t an herb…)

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strict list-person and menu-maker, but I still love finding good bargains or getting my favorite items, like organic Fuji apples, on sale for .99/lb.

I don’t even mind waiting in line at the end of my trip.  I’m lucky though, because that rarely happens.  At the store I go to now there’s a person whose sole job it is to stand and watch the lines…if someone has an opening and you’re standing behind three people, she’ll direct you to the shorter line.  If EVERY line is full, she’ll open another one!  It’s great!

So what was I buying?  I needed a few last ingredients for some dishes this week…

I needed scallions for Cooking Light’s “Lightened Up Loaded Baked Potato Soup

I also needed tofu for a Thai Red Curry with Tofu that I’m making tomorrow.  This recipe isn’t the same one, but it’s probably similar.

I promise I’m getting back to blogging!  Facebook has been sucking my life away…


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