Stream of Consciousness Cooking

5:30 – I can’t even believe that stupid woman, I mean really?  It’s just absolutely ridiculous.  I hope those fries I had at lunch didn’t do too much damage today…Ok, how many cans of broth do I have?  Just the one?  I guess I can dissolve some buillion…oh! Wait!  There’s another can.  Ok, that’s 4 cups, so I’ll just cut a slice off of this buillion cube and dissolve it in a cup of water…that’ll be plenty for the risotto.  Get the broth heating…which pot to use?  I’ll need the 5 quart one to make the risotto and the large saute pan for the green beans, so I guess I’ll use the heavy saucepan for the broth.  Ok, that works.

5:35 – Chop chop chop chop chop is that clove of garlic too big?  Maybe a smaller one.  These mushrooms are dirty!  Dang.  Ok, onion and garlic saute…I’ll wait on the mushrooms. 


5:37 – I wonder if it’s quicker to just put a group of green beans on the cutting board and cut off the ends at once?  This standing here snapping ends off beans is ridiculous.  Hey!  that works.  Beans in…garlic?  No, no garlic.  Beans in the pan, water added, foil on.  Next up? Oh, add more broth to the rice…is it cooking too fast?  Wow, I have to turn it down to 3…I should have set my timer so I’d know if this is cooking too fast.  I think it’s ok.

5:40 – Peel the carrots.  I hope these are going to be as good as last time.  “What are you doing with those carrots?”  “Same as last time when I glazed them with the maple syrup.”  “Oh, ok, that was good.”  Carrots in the oven.  Add more broth. 

5:45 – Shake the green beans.  Ooh, these are looking good!  Taste. Perfect, so far.  Toss.  Add olive oil and cherry tomatoes.  Turn the heat down, toss some more.  Check the carrots.  Looking good.  Add more broth.

5:50 – Add more brothCrumble tomato/basil goat cheese into the green beans.  Should I add some sage leaves to the risotto?  I wonder how that would be?  I might as well use this up before it goes bad. 

5:55 – 1/3 cup parmesan?  That’s probably right.  Man I was impatient…I shouldn’t have added all the last of the broth at once.  Better turn up the heat.  Ok, that’s better.

6:00 – Oh the risotto is going to be perfect!  Wolfgang Puck would say it’s just the right consistency.  Wow, that sage packs a punch.

6:05 – 1 tbsp maple syrup?  Maybe a little more and a little more olive oil…finish the carrots with salt.  Yum!

6:10 – Dinner is served.  What was I thinking about before? 



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