Vacations and Recipe Links

Well it’s been a busy few weeks around here…first there was a promotion of sorts (or just new tasks) then a birthday dinner and a brief backpacking trip that got mostly rained out.  Here’s a photo from one of the better moments:

The Window (left) and Rio Grande Pyramid (right) as seen from a portion of the Continental Divide Trail

I can tell you that during our trip we did not eat gourmet recipes – we pretty much lived on Pro Bars and Lance Crackers, although we did have a great strawberry granola one morning.  Since returning I’ve stuck to the basics – burgers, spaghetti, fish with tabouli…

Tomorrow night we’re having fish tacos made with Swai.  I read about it last night online – it’s a white fish similar to catfish and generally found in Southeast Asia.  No, it’s not local, but it was fairly cheap and sometimes that wins out.

Here some things I’ve either made recently or am excited to make:   – Steak Fingers with Gravy – Tell me those don’t look good!  – Edemame Hummus – This stuff is better than traditional hummus!  So good.

So anyway strawberries and peaches have been on sale the past few days so we’re snacking on fruit and making ice cream!

2 cups 2% milk, 1/2 cup sugar – whisk to dissolve sugar in milk.  Add 1 tsp (or more) vanilla.

Puree about 4 chopped peaches with 1/3 cup sugar and a bit of lemon juice.  Add to the milk mixture.  Pour into your electric ice cream maker and let it work its magic!


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