Top of the Burger TO YOU!

It’s Saturday, which means something super meaty for dinner…tonight was burgers.  Since the wind is blowing 40 mph or more outside we had to cook them on the stove, but the BF did a great job with them and they were super tasty.  We used a lean ground beef tonight.

I decided to give my burger an Asian twist (although it DID have cheese) and top it with shredded cabbage, wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce.  The BF took a more American route with bbq sauce, slaw and cheddar cheese.

My question is…what do YOU top your burger with?


One response to “Top of the Burger TO YOU!

  1. That wasabi mayo sounds delish! We do BBQ too sometimes and also bleu cheese and bacon. Tonight we did plain old grilled burgers with American cheese, bacon and grilled onions. 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

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