“Burgers” and Wasabi Mayo

We discovered Wasabi Mayo a few years ago when I got the giant Gourmet magazine cookbook for Christmas.  It’s become a favorite condiment in our house and is excellent with fish.

Basically wasabi mayo is mayo mixed with soy sauce, sugar, lemon juice and wasabi paste.  It’s creamy and savory with a bit of a kick.  I use about 1 cup of may (that 1/4 cup there is for something else), 1 tsp or 2 of sugar, I start with 1 tbsp of wasabi paste and about 3 tbsp of soy.  You’ll know when it tastes right.  You don’t want too much wasabi…or maybe you do.

Last night I made wasabi mayo to go with these:  Salmon burgers!

Yes, yes that is a Dale’s Pale Ale in the background.  And it was tasty and cold.  But back to the burgers…I’m on a fish kick right now but yesterday on an afternoon walk to get some much needed fresh air (I don’t even have a window at work.  Not. Even. A Window.) I started thinking about burgers.  The BF has been working super hard the last few days and I wanted to cook him a fabulous meal, so I didn’t want to spring quinoa mushroom burgers on him or anything.  Since I had been thinking of making salmon cakes (or patties) anyway, I thought I’d just turn them into burgers.

First I attempted to pickle some onion by letting some thin slices hang out in a mixture of rice wine vinegar and sugar.  I thought they tasted pretty good and were a nice addition to top off my burger.

For the burgers I used 1 large can of salmon (for the love, make sure you pick through and get all all the gross skin and spiney bone pieces).  I added 1 egg, about 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour, some green chiles (which you couldn’t really taste), and pepper.  I think that’s it.  I mixed everything up, shaped it into patties and slide them (3 of them) into a pan with a 1 tbsp canola oil and 1/2 tbsp olive oil.

These cooked until they were brown on one side.  I flipped them and let them cook until they were brown on the other side as well.  Probably 15 min total.  We adorned our burgers with the awesome wasabi mayo, the pickled onions, and fresh baby spinach.  As I said, there were three…and at the end there were none…so someone (not me!) had seconds!

Earlier in the week I made these to go with a mushroom and onion pizza:

These are mini sweet peppers stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese (the low fat kind) and ricotta cheese, baked at 350 for about 10-15 minutes, or until soft.  I topped them with a simple basil pesto…you could even use store-bought pesto if you wanted although I make mine sort of like this:

Pulse 1 cup mix of basil and parsley, 1 clove garlic, salt and pepper in a food processor.  When it is broken down, add 1/4 cup of parmesan and 1/4 cup of either pistachios or walnuts.  Blend again.  When everything seems mixed, turn the processor on full blast and stream in olive oil until the mix is smooth but not runny.  Start with 1/4 cup and keep adding, 1/4 cup at a time, until it’s smooth.  Add salt to taste.  Then squeeze a little lemon juice in to keep the color pretty.

Happy Hump-Day all!


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