Gyros with Crispy Tofu

I know what you’re thinking.  Tofu!  Gross!  In the past few years I’ve cooked with tofu on 2 other occasions.  I was successful 50% of the time.  Since I’m on a kick to eat a little less meat, I bought some extra firm tofu earlier this week and decided I would try again.  I was in the mood for something Greek.  I had cucumbers, yogurt…all the ingredients for tzatziki sauce.  Gyros would be great, I thought, but I’ve got to make the tofu taste really good.  So I actually googled, “Making tofu taste good.”  I found a great site (the name of which I’ve now forgotten…daily something) that had a couple of good tips.

  • Drain and press the tofu for an hour before using.  You can even do this and leave it overnight in the fridge if you have room.
  • Marinate but don’t use oil because it will make a barrier on top of the tofu that will prevent the flavors from getting absorbed.  I don’t know if this is actually true, but it sounded reasonable.
  • Use cornstarch for a crispy crust.  Best advice ever!

I needed to run by the store for some things and, since home is on the way to the store, I stopped to start draining the tofu.  I cut about 6 slices (half a package).  I had prepared a sheet pan with a towel topped with paper towels.  I placed the slices of tofu on this, topped with more paper towels and another dish towel.  Then I placed another sheet pan on top and put about 6 canned items (beans, soup, etc) on top to weigh it down.  When I got back from the store about 45 min later, the tofu had drained out all its water.

To marinate it, I placed it in a tupperware container and squeezed half a lemon over it.  I sprinkled on garlic powder, oregano and a tiny bit of cumin.  I then rubbed on some Greek yogurt (nonfat) and let it sit while I put up groceries and readied other dinner items.

Extra firm tofu marinating in lemon juice, Greek yogurt, oregano, garlic powder and cumin

After about 30 minutes, I started 2 tbsp of olive oil heating over medium heat in a large pan. I poured about 1/2 cup of cornstarch on a paper plate. I took each slice of tofu and, if there was a lot of yogurt on it I scraped off the extra, dredged it in the cornstarch. I placed each piece in the pan and just left it for a while. It began to sizzle while I was readying corn and snow peas with lemon and butter. I flipped each piece when they got nice and brown.


Earlier I made some tzatziki sauce with Greek yogurt, a little sour cream, lemon juice, onion, cucumber, garlic and feta cheese. I also chopped some condiments for my gyros while the tofu cooked.

Chopped onion, sliced cucumber and extra feta for gyros. I also sliced grape tomatoes.

I warmed a tortilla for my gyro and assembled…then realized I couldn’t put the gyro down so I had to just eat it and wait to eat my corn and snow peas 🙂 I didn’t mind!


2 responses to “Gyros with Crispy Tofu

    • I’ll absolutely eat it again! Tofu has no flavor at all. None. So you can flavor it with whatever you want to make it taste however you want. Some people grill it, but I really prefer just using a few tbsp of oil to get it crispy. It’s a great way to make the meal you want without meat. Then again, it’s Saturday…so I just had bacon…and yet I’m still talking about how good the tofu was. That says something!

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