Camp Meals!

It’s that season again! Time for camping, backpacking, biking and hiking. As we prepare for our annual May camping trip, I’ve decided to get a little more creative with our dinners. Sometimes we cook over the fire; sometimes we cook a backpacking meal because it’s just so easy. Who wants to spend a lot of time cooking on a camping trip? I want to sit back with a beer and roast a marshmallow on a stick. I do not want to be chopping, sauteing and then washing dishes. I think I’ve come up with some good compromises.

Our breakfasts are still pretty simple: We toast bagels and have Starbucks Via coffee or tea. Bagels are topped with cheese and apples, cream cheese, etc. We also are taking granola and bananas just in case we want those. Lunches are usually on the trail and consist of Clif bars, Sesame Snaps or Luna bars. Usually if we’ve ridden for more than 2 hours we’ll have a late real lunch at a pizza joint.

Ok, dinners…the only time I usually do a real camp dinner is when we camp with our friends in Crested Butte. Even then, the meals are sometimes good and sometimes just o.k. One thing that helped bring about change this year was that I started blogging for Because of that I got sent the latest camp cooking kit from GSI to test out. There’s a strainer in the lid of the biggest pot and a cutting board and all kinds of cool stuff! SO I decided I’d better cook something that needed straining…

Meal #1 will be egg noodles cooked in the new pot with the awesome strainer in the lid. I’ll add pre-cooked chicken and veggies and make a sauce with some reserved pasta water and garden vegetable cream cheese. Trust me, that stuff is GOOD on pasta. I’ll serve this with some fresh french bread and butter.

Veggies sauteing and chicken waiting for its turn

Sauteed veggies cooling

Chicken sauteing with olive oil and a combo of salt, pepper, granulated garlic and onion powder

Meal #2: I cooked pulled pork last week and froze half of it. We’ll take this, heat it and add some extra bbq sauce to it. I’ve got burger buns and coleslaw prepared to mix to top the pulled pork sandwiches with. We’re going to add butter and salt and pepper to the corn, wrap it tightly in foil, and cook it in the fire. YUM O!

Garden vegetable cream cheese, corn on the cob, pulled pork and shredded cabbage

Extra bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches

Should be a great trip with lots of good food!


5 responses to “Camp Meals!

  1. Sounds great! My husband and I took a hiatus from camping when our boys were born, but plan to start taking them this spring/summer. They are 2 and 1. 🙂 Can’t wait to make some great camping food. This sounds so good!

    • I discovered that homemade oatmeal cookies with a toasted marshmallow smooshed in between makes a great dessert too 😉 We also like to take soup (canned or your own creation). We cook cornbread and just throw it in a ziploc bag to get crumbly or tossed around or whatever on the trip. We heat the soup and top individual bowls with cornbread. So good and easy too!

      • Oh, that sounds good! We pack a banana, pieces of chocolate candy bar and a few marshmallows in foil and set it on the camp fire for a little bit to melt it and make it mushy. It’s great slathered on some graham crackers or vanilla wafers. 🙂

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