It’s not just a baked potato

This is the lowly potato.  For years it was considered “bad” by shunners of carbohydrates.  No potatoes!  Well guess what?  Potatoes aren’t bad for you at all!  The method in which you cook them might make them less healthy and topping one with bacon, cheese, butter and sour cream will definitely add fat and calories.  But the potato?  It’s innocent!  Potatoes (and skin) contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Potassium!

Potatoes are also cheap.  A 5lb bag is like $2.50 at the store.  So I say use the potato!  Which is exactly what I did last night.

The BF was flying back home after a week-long trip to the homestead.  He was supposed to arrive at 9:15 p.m.  My friend A and I went mountain biking and by the time we finished, had a beer and headed home, it was 8 p.m.!  I got in at 8:15 and still had to cook something for dinner, shower and wash dishes.  It’s nice when you’ve been away to come home to a clean house.

So into the microwave went two nicely scrubbed potatoes.  Yes they taste better oven-baked, but when you’re short on time…

In the meantime, I chopped 1 large clove of garlic.  I sauteed it in 1-2 tbsp olive oil and chopped about 4 large mushrooms which I added to the oil/garlic.  Once those were getting soft and brown, I threw in several handfuls of fresh spinach.  I let that wilt down and take on some of the garlic flavor.

When my potato was ready (these were large ones so I did 8 minutes in the microwave), I sliced one open and added a dollop of ICBINB and a couple of tablespoons of blue cheese crumbles.  Then I topped it with half of the spinach and mushroom mix.  I added a sprinkle of Parmesan and chowed down! It was awesome, easy and healthy.  Love the potato.


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