• I love Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and Frostys.
  • I bought the first box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that I’ve purchased in five years this past weekend on a camping trip.
  • I’ve never braised anything.  That I know of.
  • I drink 1-2 Diet 7-Ups every day.
  • I only allow myself bacon a few times a year.
  • BUT pork is my favorite meat.
  • AND YET we have a vegetarian day once a week at home.
  • Even though I like it mixed in with other salad greens, I still can’t eat arugula by itself without making a yuck face.
  • I’m pretty sure there will never be a time when I can’t eat 4 gigantic slices of pizza in one sitting from The Hot Tomato
  • So far this month I have only spent $60 on restaurant meals.
  • If I had to go a month without cooking I’d probably go crazy.
  • I almost always have one of these two things for breakfast:  A piece of oat and honey toast with peanut butter and honey or a piece of oat and honey toast with a fried egg and cheese.
  • I gave up my 2 snacks a day when I realized I wasn’t hungry for them anymore, I was just eating them because they were here.
  • I love homemade popcorn.

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