The Calzone: Another blank canvas

Is it versatile?  This for me as a cook, has become one of the most important questions for me in terms of recipes.  Yes there are certain soups or dishes that I make that require specific ingredients, but often I want to start with a basic idea and just open the refrigerator.  That’s what I did last night.

My local bakery pizza dough provider is closed on Mondays, so I tried out the refrigerated dough available at my grocery store.  It’s not much more expensive (like .50 cents more) and they have regular, whole wheat and garlic herb dough.  I opted for the whole wheat.  I did get some ricotta cheese and blue cheese because I knew I wanted both of those in my calzones.  Other than that I figured I’d see what was waiting at home.

Here’s what I found:

Mushrooms, peppers and onion sauteeing for my calzone

Salami and the veggie mix waiting for other goodies...

The peppers were leftover from some camp snacks this weekend.  The salami was too.  The mushrooms and onions were just hanging out in the crisper.  I also added in the cheeses (about 1/4 cup of blue plus 1/2 cup of ricotta, some mozzarella and some parmesan) and then threw in some spinach at the last minute because…well, why not?

I cut my dough into quarters and then sort of rolled/pulled them into shapes. Hey, don’t laugh! They’re made with love! Ha.

Whole wheat pizza dough for calzones

I placed about 1/4 of the calzone mixture on one side of each piece of dough and then folded the dough over. I used water to seal the edges and then poked a little “steam” hole in the top of each one.

Tasty calzone all nice and baked. 415 degrees for about 20 minutes.

I served my calzone with marinara sauce. The whole wheat dough had a great slightly sweet flavor and these held together really well.

Next time I might get the dough a little crispier.  These were good, but I think I can do better.  One other plus:  I saved one for myself for dinner tonight and then I wrapped the other two and put them in a freezer bag.  These will be perfect for nights when we’re out biking and come in late for dinner.   Remember, anything you might think of putting on a pizza can go in a calzone!


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