Spring dinner

Well it’s Easter weekend…kiddos are hunting for eggs and chocolate bunnies, new Easter Sunday clothes have been purchased and worn and now it’s time for the Easter feast. Out here in the west I just make sure to get outside and enjoy nature even more on Easter weekend. I also head back towards my Southern roots for at least one Easter weekend meal of Southern crazy goodness.

First there are the deviled eggs. Mmmm. I mean really how can you go wrong with pickle relish, mayo, boiled egg yolks and a dab of mustard? You can’t. Deviled eggs need not be fancied up with additions of blue cheese or chives. They are perfect on their own.

This year the BF mentioned a side dish that neither of had had in years: The 7-layer English Pea Salad.

What’s that you say?  You don’t see any “salad” there?  Oh it’s under there.  Any good Southern cook will tell you that a really great salad does in fact include layers of bacon, cheese and, yes, mayo.  Here’s the gist of the salad:  layer of lettuce (I used romaine, many use Iceberg), layer of frozen green peas thawed, layer of bell pepper, layer of celery, layer of sweet onion, layer of mayo (I mix a little sugar and a splash of milk in with mine), layer of bacon or bacon bits and a layer of cheese.  Voila!  Let me tell you something – you don’t know what you’re missing until you try this.  To be honest we left out the celery and bell pepper layers this year.  I suppose you could add in a layer of tomato or mushrooms or even artichoke hearts if you wanted.  But you cannot leave out the mayo layer.  Nope.  No.  Look, NO you can’t!  And don’t try to replace it with Ranch dressing either.  That’s not the same thing as this.  It was so good – sweet and creamy with a nice crunchy saltiness from the bacon…took me right back to Easter dinners in Georgia.

We also had some grilled Salmon (hey, we had to counteract all the mayo with some good Omega-3s).  AND….for dessert…carrot cake cupcakes with molasses cream cheese icing!   That recipe is coming to you soon.

Happy Easter!


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