Almost 2 dozen eggs…what to do what to do?

I emailed my egg supplier with this message the other day:  “I think I’m going through yolk withdrawal.  Is that possible?”  The egg supplier was out of the office on Spring Break but she had a carrier who nicely delivered 18 eggs to my desk yesterday.  I am seriously hooked on farm fresh eggs.  Every time I have to purchase any from the store I frown about how the yolks aren’t as firm and how they’re all pale…and the eggs certainly aren’t pretty colors like my farm fresh ones.

Anyway, now I had 18 eggs.  18 is a lot for two people (I am NOT complaining).  I thought it would be good to use up some eggs tonight.  I thought about souffle; I though about quiche.  I texted the BF:  Be thinking of an egg-based dinner.  His suggestion?  Breakfast burritos with lots of green chiles!  Right. On.


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