Freezer full of ham

Here’s how the conversation went the other night:

Me:  I’m so glad you’re in charge of dinner tonight since I have to go to a Relay for Life meeting!

BF:  Oh good, I’ll be ready to go to El Tapatio when you get back.  Or I could find something to make.  (rummaging through the freezer).  What’s this?

Me:  Leftover ham from Christmas.

BF:  Oh.  Well then what’s this?

Me:  That’s a ham steak.

BF:  What’s this bag?  More ham?

Me:  Yep.  I guess I should make something with a lot of ham in it this week.

BF:  I could really go for El Tapatio tonight.

So tonight I am determined to use up a lot of the ham.  First I searched for “ham” and got a lot of glazed spiral ham suggestions.  Then I added “casserole” and the search returned page after page of breakfast casseroles.  I headed over to the good ole  Food Network and found this recipe for Croque Monsieur sandwiches.  Who really needs a recipe for ham and cheese?  Maybe I’ll have that for lunch.  There were recipes for ham and beans, seared ham steak and bean soups.  Not what I wanted.

It all comes down to this:  I have ham, pasta, green peas, onions and stuff to make a salad.  So tonight we are having a pasta dish and salad.  That’s what I know.  I don’t need to search the web to find something to do with leftover ham.  I need only to search my pantry and my imagination.  Oh, and your imagination.  What do you do with leftover ham?


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