Food for Thought

There’s an interesting article on the NYTimes site right now about “mindful” eating. I tried this, briefly, after reading it. I sat at my desk at work, coffee cup in hand, and closed my eyes.  I took a sip, savored the sweet/bitter coffee, the warmth of it…then I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone had seen me.  Nope?  Ok, let’s do this again.  So I did.  It was peaceful.  I think, for me (and anyone who knows me knows how true this is) it would be hard to have an entire meal with another person in silence.  Sometimes I do eat my lunch alone at home, but I’m usually playing a game of mahjong solitaire or Words with Friends.  It’s not often enough that I really stop to focus on the tastes and textures of what I’m eating.  Who has the time for that?  But I think, maybe, I do have the time to close my eyes and silently sip my coffee.


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