10 Reasons I love skiing

1.  I love the ritual of getting ready to ski.  Load the car; drive up the mountain; stand at the car on one foot while putting on the first ski boot; stuff everything you might possibly need into a backpack or jacket pockets and duck-walk your way to the ski hill.

2. I love the familiarity of a local mountain.  It’s never a matter of “I don’t know that run” it’s a matter of “what do I feel like skiing?”

3. I love being able to create one long run out of three different ones.

4.  I love the sounds of skis and snowboards on snow:  sccceeerrrrrrrrr on icy days; whishhhhhhhh on powdery days.

5.  I love riding the lift and watching little kids bomb their way down the mountain.  No fear…

6. I love skiing with my friends and challenging myself to keep up.

7.  I love skiing by myself and enjoying the solitude and chances to work on my form.

8.  I love sharing ski days with my love; we spend each lift ride discussing the highlights or downfalls of the previous run or just laughing at ourselves and stories from years past.

9.  I love getting to ski cold powdery snow while the sun shines bright overhead.

10.  I love the absolutely justified beer on a nice warm patio over looking the ski hill that I get to have after skiing a set of awesome runs.


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