Rooms with a View

This is one of my favorite photos from last year’s ski adventures.  It was taken from the top of Arapahoe (A) Basin.  I think we were heading into the Montezuma Bowl here.  In the distance you can see either Keystone or Breckenridge ski resort as well.  I was terrified of this resort.  Skiing above tree-line on a cloudy day is disorienting.  The light is flat and there aren’t trees separating one run from another.  Earlier we had ridden up the insanely scary Palli lift and I came close to just breaking down at the top.  For some reason, though, as soon as we skied over to this bowl, I calmed down.  I relaxed, took a deep breath, and skied my first bowl.  Then rode to the top and did it again.  Sometimes it seems with adventurous sports, you have to stop and remind yourself that you are in control of the situation.  When you finally do that, then you can stop and enjoy the views.


A blissful shot of a tantalizing summer ride!
Trail: Rabbit Valley Rim Trail #8, Fruita, Colorado: Photo: chukt.
I borrowed this picture from the site today.  It’s a view from one of my favorite bike trails here in the valley – The Western Rim trail.  14 miles of awesome riding provides singletrack, doubletrack, ledges, rolling terrain and views of the Colorado River and La Sal mountain range.  A true “share the trail” spot, we often get to watch dirt bikers attempt hills and ledges that we aren’t brave enough to attempt on a 24 lb bike…I can’t imagine doing it on a motorized bike that weighs way more than I do.  Still, in the spring and summer this is my favorite ride.  It’s tough, it’s long and it can be dusty; but the views are unbeatable.

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