Skiing Utah

Before long we’re taking a trip to Utah to ski.  It’ll be a first for me and I am so excited I’ve started counting the days! We’ve got plans to ski at both Alta and Brighton and maybe one other place while we’re there.  Fortunately the BF has friends there, so accommodations are free 😀 I’m hoping for some awesome Utah powder so my Atomic Century skis can get some more snow action.  They’ve only been used 3 out of the 12 days I’ve skied so far this season.

Because I’m way too excited, I keep looking over trail maps.  Now you can too!

Brighton Ski Resort

Alta doesn’t allow snowboarding, so that will be an interesting change for me.  I’ve never skied anywhere that snowboarders weren’t allowed to go.  I’m nervous about the new terrain but confident enough in my ability and in the BF’s knowledge of the areas to know I’ll ski anything we head towards!  Ok, I can make it down it…by side slipping or wedging or whatever I have to do.  This trip promises to be the first of many 2012 adventures.


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