Rites of Passage

Today was a rite of passage for me.  After a grueling two hours on the slopes at Powderhorn (about 1 of which was spent on the lift), I drove down from there in the snow.  What’s that?  Surely I’ve done that before?  No, no I haven’t.  Perhaps there have been times when it’s started snowing just as I left, but I’ve never turned onto Hwy 65 when it’s snowpacked.  Now, maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you.  Maybe you were born in Colorado and you drive in snow like that all the time.  Maybe you think this shouldn’t be a big deal for me because I live here and I’ve driven to work in all kinds of hazardous weather – including snow, ice and rain.  Still, when gravity is pushing you down the mountain road and the mountain road has snow on it, it’s not the same as anything else I’ve ever done.  Sure, after about 4 miles the snow turned to slush and then to rain and I was able to speed up, but the fact is I DID IT for those first 4 miles.  The wind was howling, the wipers were swishing and squeaking and swishing and squeaking, and I was leading a line of cars towards Mesa, CO.  Sorry about that cars behind me…but I noticed no one really wanted to go faster…since only 1 of you passed me!

So was the skiing worth it today?  Uh, no!  The howling wind and blizzzard-like conditions limited me to two runs.  What can I say?  I’m just not that hard-core 😉


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