Time Wasters

You know what I mean.  Those websites that suck you in and allow you to take a brief respite from the stressful, repetitive or otherwise insane workday… Clearly I’m a fan of food websites, Cooking Light’s being only one of many.

Others that I find particularly interesting:

  • PunchFork includes the latest recipes from what it considers “top” food sites around the web.  Some of them you’ll recognize like The Pioneer Woman.  Just yesterday I found a  recipe on there for “slutty brownies” which I totally intend to make and bring to work.  Prepare yourself co-workers for chocolate chip cookies, oreos and brownies all in one.
  • The New York Times Recipes for Health located about halfway down this page is a good place to find new recipes as well.  Often Martha Rose Shulman uses new grains or vegetables that I am interested in trying.  She explores lots of different cooking techniques as well.
  • Food websites aside, I often find myself wandering from 14erskiers.com to 14ers.com and on to Stuck In the Rockies. Then I end up terribly jealous that I’ve yet to find a way to get paid for biking and skiing..

Happy weekend!


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