Avgolemono – Greek lemon chicken soup

  Thank you Cooking Light for the use of your photo…hope I don’t get censored for it!  This is pretty much what our soup looked like last night.  We made Avgolemono.  This soup was simple to make and was made even simpler by the use of a leftover baked chicken breast from earlier in the week.  I like that the soup is low in calories, yet filling because of the use of rice and a lot of chicken.

I worried about the texture because you whisk in an egg, but really it just turned it into a velvety smooth, creamy soup.  It’s very lemony – at first I worried it was too lemony.  But this soup grows on you.  After a few bites you just want more and more and more!

Cooking light says it’s “kid friendly” as well – assuming your kids like lemon I can see where it would be.  We just had this with a mixed greens salad and homemade ranch dressing.  Perfect winter meal.



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