Roasted turnips? Really?

Parsnips, Carrots, Turnips and Sweet potatoes (image courtesy of

Last night I made yet another recipe from January’s issue of Cooking Light magazine: Chicken with Root Vegetables.  I even went way out on a limb and included a turnip and a parsnip, two vegetables I usually walk right past in the grocery store. I have to say the veggies were fantastic!  Of course, anything tossed in a sweet and savory combination of garlic, olive oil and maple syrup before being roasted is pretty much guaranteed to taste good.  I did my best to keep everything to a fairly uniform size and away they went into the oven.  The smells of all those veggies roasting was mouth watering.

After 40 minutes I arranged the chicken on top and sprinkled it with salt and pepper…however, since the chicken breasts I had were way larger than the ones recommended in the recipe they took for. ever. to bake.  By the time they were done I really was surprised I hadn’t eaten all the leftovers in the fridge.  To top it all off, the chicken was bland.  I knew it was going to be and so we were prepared with bbq sauce for dipping, but still…maybe a few more spices or something added to the chicken would have done wonders!

Still, the veggies were a huge hit and I will definitely make them again.  So kuddos to Cooking Light for getting me to eat roasted turnip.  Who would’ve thought?


2 responses to “Roasted turnips? Really?

  1. How was the turnip? Not like a radish?

    I’ve been doing boneless chicken like this lately. Seems to be flawless so far. The other day, I patted it dry, then splurped on some Frank’s Hot Sauce then dredged.

    • The turnip was great. Tasted very similar to a roasted carrot or parsnip; it tasted nothing like a radish. Like I said, the chicken would have been much better with some more seasonings…hot sauce, rotisserie chicken seasoning…something. It was definitely juicy.

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