Weekend photos on their way!

I do have photos to post from this past weekend, but for now a brief recap:

We skied at Powderhorn on Saturday where the snow was soft, the runs were free of gravel and even the glades were still decent.  As we got off the lift on the West End, headed to Upper Snowcloud, I heard a ski patroller say to someone, “Oh yeah, I skied Mad Dog Glade this morning and it’s still skiing really well.  There’s no powder or anything, but it’s holding up nicely.”  What the? So I say to the BF, “Hey, the patroller said Mad Dog Glade is still in decent shape!”  We are desperate to ski anything that isn’t a groomed run at this point.  For weeks we’ve been trapped on them, afraid to head into the woods for fear of ripping the edges off our skis.  So, on the overheard word of a ski patroller, we take off down Mad Dog Glade and you know what?  It was skiing well.  We had to avoid a few rocks, but it was great!  A nice trough had formed so the trail was easy to follow and whipping around trees was a nice change.

That evening we headed over to Glenwood Springs.  We stayed at our favorite Mom and Pop hotel, The Frontier Lodge.  It’s located out towards Carbondale but, if you’re headed to Aspen or Snowmass the next morning, it’s the perfect location.  You can get a nice, clean room with a king-sized bed for $50.  You don’t even have to go online to make a reservation ahead of time (usually.).  WE had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – The Italian Underground.  It’s not for everyone, but if you like pastas with homemade pesto, arrabiata and cream sauce, I suggest you check it out!  Be prepared to wait though – they only have 14 tables and they are almost always full.  The bartender is nice and he’ll make you a Fuzzy New Yorker while you wait.

Sunday we headed to Snowmass for a change of pace from Powderhorn…and found ourselves skiing what appeared to be a gravel driveway.  I love Snowmass, I really do, but this was ridiculous!  More than once I found myself stopping to pitch a fist-sized rock into the woods and off the trail.  Sure part of that is just the conditions right now, but hey, I’ve seen guys at Powderhorn out with shovels and pruning shears…where were those guys at Snowmass?  Still, we skied some fun runs and got spoiled by footrests and high-speed lifts.  All in all it was a great winter weekend…and as snow piles up this week I’m sure I’ll be repeating that phrase more and more.  Photos to come…



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