Szechuan Chicken

Still in love with my new magazine subscription (thanks sis!) last night I made szechuan chicken courtesy of Cooking Light. 

While I don’t have a wok, I have to say mine looked pretty close to this.  It was my first experience with any sort of chile paste or, in my case, chili garlic sauce.  That stuff is fabulous!  The only substitutions I made (and I know my friends will be impressed that I didn’t make more) is that I used walnuts instead of roasted peanuts at the end.  I added a little more chile paste to my own plate after the dish was served to add more heat as well.  It hardly needed any salt thanks to the soy sauce.  I’m excited to have made a few Asian dishes this week because it’s been a while since we’ve journeyed in that direction for dinner. I give this recipe 5 stars:  It was easy to make, used mostly easy to find, popular ingredients and it could be altered to suit the palates of just about anyone.


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