More snow and dinner

Here’s an article in the NYTimes about where the snow actually is: .  Sure, if I had 10 hours to drive down to Ski Apache in New Mexico and use my free days that come with my Powderhorn pass I would!  Alas, I cannot.

All does not appear to be lost however.  Snowmass’s weather forecast shows several days this week (Wed, Fri and Sat) when 1-2 inches are possible.  That means they could get another 6 inches which might be enough to open up a few more runs off of the Campground lift.  At this point we’ve just got to get out, ski the groomers and enjoy some bluebird days until snow decides to grace us with its presence.  I have a 30-day ski goal to reach!

In other news, last night I made tostadas for dinner.  Instead of cooking rice, I grabbed a container of leftover steamed potatoes from the fridge.  Originally I had quartered them, steamed them in the microwave and seasoned with S&P, butter and parmesan.  Last night I chopped them finer and sprinkled on some garlic salt and cumin.  I heated 2 tbsp olive oil in a pan and let the potatoes get a little brown and crispy.  Then I used these as the base for my tostadas.  They were super!  Of course, there were a million other things (beans, a tiny bit of leftover chicken, mushrooms, peppers and onions) piled on there too, but the potatoes didn’t get lost.  They added a nice texture and flavor.

Look in the fridge and find new ways to use up those leftovers!  Don’t waste.


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