January snowpack and skiing

GJSentinel.com has a breaking news article right now discussing the light snowpack in Colorado.  You can read it here:  http://www.gjsentinel.com/breaking/articles/colorado-snowpack-lowest-in-decade

Here’s a picture from Powderhorn today:

Monday at Powderhorn

As you can see, it’s another bluebird day at “the Horn.”  There’s nothing wrong with a bluebird day when it’s been snowing frequently; when there has been one brief storm since December 23rd bluebird days are not what you want to see.  I will give Powderhorn credit for keeping the groomers in great shape, but I’m tired of skiing groomers.  I want to ski bump runs and glades and I can’t.  I tried on New Year’s Day to make my way down Diversion and Hooker, two of my favorite black runs, and how I made it down without trashing my skis or myself is beyond me.  Bumps so gigantic and out of control I felt like I was stuck in a maze with no easy way out, rocks poking out all over…We’ve all been whining about it for days but really, what can we do?  Not much except wait and travel around to different mountains skiing different groomers.

While we’re on the subject of Powderhorn I would like to say that I’m 50/50 impressed/disappointed so far with the new owners and management.  I like the non-smoking deck, the great mountain operations team and the fact that they seem to be emptying the porta-potties this year.  Yay for a clean porta-potty!  I don’t like the fact that it’s mid-January and people with whom they have trade agreements still don’t have passes or tickets.  That seems harsh and I know my friends would like to get up to the mountain at some point…I also think it’s ridiculous that season pass holders have to pay an extra $12 for an hour on the tubing hill.  Still, this is their first season so I’ll attempt to cut them some slack.

Some other sites worth checking out:

Snowtoit  and 14erskiers.com are two of my favorites right now.

ULLR!  Continue to grace us with snow!


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